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CTO of High Winds world wide data processing
Inventor of new radar chip for the military
Professor and CEO of BioPro a new organic treatment to produce larger yields of rice in third world countries
Professor at UCF discussing new ways of using AI to teach new firefighters.
DR Chui, inventer of a new crystal for the  amplification of laser energy
 Two Dsr at the High energy lab at the university of Florida
new mag0041.jpg
Cancer researcher at Advent health  co inventer of Gamma Gun
CEO, Global Wireless,new tech for Shipborn communications
CEO of CI. Annual Report
Professor at UCF  showing the development new space technologies
CTO of ATK Rocket Motors for Shuttle program
Research Dr/Inventof for new medical Tech
Inventor of Mini AC unit for the US Special forces fighting in hot climates
New Techonology work shop for Florida High Tech
Sparton.Defense contractor new tech for Sub Communications upgrade
Research workers  at UCF School of Photomics
CEO SAIC a Defense contractor in Orlando
 DR Tinker,inventor of remote surface tracking system being used throughout the world
Proteck.Annual report Emergency backup systems for commercial institutions shch as hospitials and military bases
CEO /publisher of new tech magazine based in Orlando.
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